Aftercare advice

As you may know, different artists seem to hand out different aftercare advice. I myself  have changed my advice over the years until finally discovering the aftercare techniques that seem to work best for my work.  Follow these guidelines carefully and your new tattoo shouldn't have any problems with the healing process. Although everyones skin is different, so adjust to your needs using common sense.

After your tattoo is complete the artist will wrap the tattooed area with Dermalize Tattoo film.

You can leave this on for 24-48 hours so long as it feels comfortable. Whilst still wrapped avoid getting wet.

Once you are ready to remove the wrap do so in the shower or bath, unwrap the tattoo carefully and rinse, then wash with warm soapy water with a soft flannel or with a clean hand, making sure all gunk is removed and area is clean.

[Sorry mom soap is recommended]

Dab with kitchen roll to dry the area.

Apply a small even amount of cream [SorryMom tattoo balm] 

Gently rub the cream in making sure to cover the entire area. Do not use too much and once rubbed in, you should not be able to see any cream on your tattoo.

Leave the tattoo to air for about 30 mins then rewrap your tattoo with clingfilm, making sure the Tattoo and clingfilm are spotless. 

You will need to clean and rewrap your tattoo morning, midday and evening leaving wrapped over night. Creaming only morning and evening.

You may leave unwrapped up to 30mins at any point in the day to give it a chance to breath.

Repeat this process for up to 5 days and your tattoo will start to flake. No thick scabs, just very fine flakes. 

Once this starts to happen a lot you must leave unwrapped and continue to apply cream twice a day until flakes are gone and even longer if you wish.

Continue to moisturise for as long as you like after the healing is done, this will help keep your tattoo looking fresh.


The flakes are the secret, and keeping wrapped is the answer. When scabs are deep and thick these can be knocked off prematurely and this will effect the tattoo, thick scabs will form if you leave your tattoo to dry out too soon.

Before your tattoo

It is advised to moisturise daily prior to your appointment using E-45 cream, Coconut oil  or any other moisturiser you may be currently using. This can make a massive difference on the ease of tattooing, meaning your tattoo may result in taking less time and you will gain optimum results.

After your tattoo

You will need

  • Clingfilm

  • Tape 

  • Kitchen roll

  • Moisturiser 

  • SorryMom Cream 

  • SorryMom Soap

Artist can provide an aftercare package for £10 including..

SorryMom tattoo balm & SorryMom Soap

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